From his early years of being an Eagle Scout, it was instilled in attorney CJ Czaia to always help those in his community. He firmly believes that if you do not give to your community, you cannot succeed. CJ is a community activist. He understands that everyone from a student, a farmworker, or a professional needs its community. Being involved in community activities, funding special projects, supporting and sponsoring various charities and organizations throughout our community is extremely important to him.

Over the years, CJ Czaia has not only supported, but has also participated in numerous organizations/charities. Among those are:

Healthy Start Coalition of Manatee County

Palmetto Youth Center

Unidos Now

Farmworker Education and Services Program (FESP)

Boy Scouts of America

American Motorcyclist Association


Project Light of Manatee

PACE Center for Girls

Servants of Christ Hands and Feet Ministry

Saint Jude Catholic Church

The Amigos Center

Latin American Motorcycle Association (LAMA)

Riding with Angels

And many others!