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About CJ Czaia

CJ Czaia

For over 30 years, C.J. Czaia has been a practicing lawyer; licensed in Florida, Minnesota, and Federal courts. He has earned an outstanding reputation for his commitment to his clients, especially within the motorcycle industry. Extremely passionate, he believes in aggressive representation, service and goes the extra distance to make sure that each and every client receives the best possible results.

Czaia began his legal career as a public defender in the 12th Judicial Circuit Court in Manatee, Sarasota, and Desoto Counties. In private practice, Czaia originally focused on criminal law, working on thousands of cases, and successfully winning various murder trials. Later he began incorporating personal injury cases, especially motorcycle accidents, which today constitutes a major part of his practice.

An avid motorcyclist, CJ Czaia has been riding bikes for over 40 years and has logged thousands of miles on America’s highways. In addition, CJ Czaia races, has run professional race teams, sponsored numerous riders/teams, hosted bike nights throughout Florida, sponsored track days and is dedicated to helping the motorcycle community.

Racing is very much a mirror of the way CJ Czaia approaches life. It has helped him pursue his goals both in business and his personal life. He feels that to succeed, one must be proud of themselves and of one’s heritage. He believes you must follow your heart and you never be afraid of failure. You have to pick yourself up and start again. Having crashed numerous times at over 100MPH he has never stopped getting back on his bike. It is the principle he applies to life.

Because he rides and races, he knows the inner workings of a motorcycle, plus all the ins-and-outs of riding and racing. CJ knows how a bike reacts in different circumstances and he knows motorcycle law.

CJ Czaia is a community activist, active politician, an avid inspirational speaker, and a strong advocate of freedom and privacy. He also has the distinction of being the founder, former chairman, and current board member of He is most proud of this foundation’s work to assist in empowering young people and helping them go to college. CJ Czaia always calls for Prayer with Action! It is not enough to pray for change, but you must pray for the strength to make the change. As a son of a foreign service member, he was born and raised overseas and has a deep respect for cultures everywhere.

When not riding or racing his motorcycle, CJ Czaia also enjoys boating, sailing, scuba diving, hang gliding, and photography. He is a baseball, soccer, and theater fan who enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.